Welcome to Bankhall Online
Bankhall Online is an internet based portal offering substantial cost and time savings to a financial adviser with a comprehensive range of e-business and information services.

Registered Bankhall members can login to their account with a valid User ID and password or with a Unipass certificate. Non registered members can click the Register button to register.

Bankhall Members - For more information contact the Bankhall Service Desk on 0845 300 5326 (Option 3), or by e-mail onlinehelpdesk@bankhall.co.uk

Non Bankhall Members - For more information about Bankhall Membership visit www.bankhall.co.uk

Bankhall Online is
  • Exclusive - only available to Bankhall members
  • Online - Extensive cost and time savings in comparison to traditional business processes with up to date information accessible on highly secured Bankhall computer servers through the internet. Access is available from any internet enabled computer worldwide offering substantial IT cost savings to the adviser firm.
  • User friendly - user friendly menu of e-business and information services designed to support an adviser's business process
  • Client specific - option to use e-business services on behalf of a specific client. Each service automatically pre-populates stored client information saving the need to re-key it.
  • Cost effective - No complex or extensive pricing structure as it is included as part of Bankhall membership.*
..and it has
  • Industry recognition - supported by market leading product provider partners of the Bankhall Group.
* Only costs, subject to membership type, are for subscription to optional Bankhall Online services including The Exchange, Aequos Online (for members subscribing to more than one licence) and the Bankhall Online Suitability Letter Generator.